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Our vision is to bring a world of possibilities to our customers and the best of TELUS to the connected world. Our team members act as trusted partners to execute this vision by offering their experience and expertise to service provider clients worldwide.

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TELUS offers a "world-class" network, meeting or exceeding "state-of-the-art" or "best-in-class" in terms of technology, performance, service enablement and reliability. TELUS' network coverage is national and comprehensive, delivering wired and wireless voice, data and video services across Canada.

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Sébastien Durand


Partner Service Management

Sébastien Durand


Partner Service Management


As Director, Partner Service Management, Sébastien brings a strong Customers-First perspective to Partner Solutions’ operations. He provides consistent, customer-focused support, communication and leadership in managing the team responsible for supporting order fulfillment and service, project and risk management for TELUS’ wholesale customers.

In his 16+ years at TELUS, Sébastien has consistently demonstrated his willingness to positively impact TELUS’ business and customers. He joined Partner Solutions in 2006 and over the past decade, has held a variety of roles in Marketing and Sales Solutions, where he oversaw the continued evolution of the team and its culture, customer focus and business results.

A dedicated and active volunteer, Sébastien gives back to his community through his work with Scouts Canada, a local food bank and soccer association.

Sébastien holds a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Alberta. He is located in TELUS’ Calgary office.

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