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Our vision is to bring a world of possibilities to our customers and the best of TELUS to the connected world. Our team members act as trusted partners to execute this vision by offering their experience and expertise to service provider clients worldwide.

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Network Overview

TELUS offers a "world-class" network, meeting or exceeding "state-of-the-art" or "best-in-class" in terms of technology, performance, service enablement and reliability. TELUS' network coverage is national and comprehensive, delivering wired and wireless voice, data and video services across Canada.

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Specialized carriers & resellers

As a Specialized Carrier or Reseller providing services such as Voice over IP (VoIP), IM, Teleconferencing, pre-paid calling cards and Call back operations - you need a constant stream of innovative opportunities to enable you to take advantage of changing market demand and emerging technology.

Rebiller services

TELUS' world-class network and a state-of-the-art services platform provides facilities to deliver reliable and profitable Long Distance rebiller solutions. Customization and superior interfaces combine to create the option to uniquely identify your services by taking them to market under you own brand.

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Wholesale toll

Competitively priced IP and switched minute terminations options are specifically designed and packaged for the needs of service providers in Canada, North America and worldwide.

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Built upon the foundation of our billing and clearing capabilities, and integrating our Operator Services, Wholesale Toll and Rebiller products, the Teleservices portfolio suite is designed to deliver customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and profitability.

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Operator services

TELUS provides a full suite of customized operator services functions to the international marketplace. Our services include North American and International Directory Assistance, Local and Toll Operator Assistance, and Message Relay Services.

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