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Our vision is to bring a world of possibilities to our customers and the best of TELUS to the connected world. Our team members act as trusted partners to execute this vision by offering their experience and expertise to service provider clients worldwide.

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Network Overview

TELUS offers a "world-class" network, meeting or exceeding "state-of-the-art" or "best-in-class" in terms of technology, performance, service enablement and reliability. TELUS' network coverage is national and comprehensive, delivering wired and wireless voice, data and video services across Canada.

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Internet service providers

Global Internet and last mile connectivity as well as access to telecommunication networks and facilities are essential to deliver on customer demands. While managing costs, performance, security and the introduction of emerging technologies is essential to the success of your business.

Carrier internet

TELUS is your gateway to the global Internet, with services powered by one of Canada's leading Internet backbones. TELUS Carrier Internet service provides fast, reliable and seamless Internet transit for carriers, ISPs, and ASPs.

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TELUS' Hosting portfolio provides a range service options to create customized solutions to meet your service and security needs - and we can help you significantly lower your costs and speed up your time to market for new services.

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TELUS ISDN PRI service offers integrated access to satisfy your customers demand for voice, data and video communications. The service connects mission critical equipment - PBXs, remote access concentrator, modem pools - to the public telephone system for fast implementation and efficient service for your customers.

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TELUS DSL & Dial VPOP (Virtual Point of Presence) services bundle data communication capabilities for "last mile" network and Internet access. They provide the ability to sell access services to end users without large capital investments or technical resource commitments.

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