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Our vision is to bring a world of possibilities to our customers and the best of TELUS to the connected world. Our team members act as trusted partners to execute this vision by offering their experience and expertise to service provider clients worldwide.

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Network Overview

TELUS offers a "world-class" network, meeting or exceeding "state-of-the-art" or "best-in-class" in terms of technology, performance, service enablement and reliability. TELUS' network coverage is national and comprehensive, delivering wired and wireless voice, data and video services across Canada.

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TELUS works to be your trusted partner of choice by offering a comprehensive range of services and solutions that position you for success in today's dynamic telecommunications marketplace.


Audio conferencing

Offer your customers new ways to meet and collaborate. Our audio conferencing solutions provide several options to help your customers meet quickly and conveniently, without having to travel.

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Billing solutions

TELUS offers the only full-service telecommunications clearinghouse in Canada. Billing quality edits, record conversion and formatting contribute to maximizing collections on transactions billed anywhere in North America increasing revenue and return on billing records.

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Carrier Ethernet Services

TELUS Carrier Ethernet Switched services are purpose-built for service providers who want to establish or expand their Canadian presence. Several different solution options enable you to designate bandwidth, SLA, topology and quality of service for each location.

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Carrier internet services

TELUS is your gateway to the global Internet, with services powered by one of Canada's leading Internet backbones. TELUS Carrier Internet service provides fast, reliable and seamless Internet transit for carriers, ISPs, and ASPs.

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Carrier WAN

TELUS' Carrier WAN portfolio provides service providers the ability to expand their own internetworking solutions using TELUS provisioned facilities and services.

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Customer premise equipment

The availability of your network and equipment is critical for effective business operation. Our solutions are designed for reliability, to work with your existing systems and meet future needs.

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TELUS Dial & DSL VPOP (Virtual Point of Presence) services bundle data communication capabilities for "last mile" network and Internet access. They provide the ability to sell access services to end users without large capital investments or technical resource commitments.

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Digital network access (DNA)

TELUS Digital Network Access provides other Canadian carriers with reliable access facilities and expanded reach over which to deliver their own portfolio of branded products and services to customers.

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Digital private line

TELUS Digital Private Line (DPL) Services offers a fast and cost-effective solution to extend reach and implement new services with added advantage of simplified network administration, improved performance and reduced costs

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Hosted Communicator Services

Our Hosted Communicator services provide instant messaging, real-time presence information, file sharing and Web conferencing capabilities - all fully integrated with Microsoft Office Outlook.

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Hosted Exchange

This suite of corporate-class communication systems includes email, scheduling, and contact management. It is connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server, securely hosted and managed by TELUS for increased productivity and collaboration.

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Hosted SharePoint

With Hosted SharePoint, you create one central place to share files and collaborate through threaded discussion and surveys. No waiting for emails or managing large attachments.

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TELUS hosting services combine the capability of our National IP Backbone with state-of-the-art intelligent Internet Data Centers to provide a reliable alternative to building your own facilities; allowing you to exchange unpredictable capital expenditures into manageable monthly costs.

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IP connect transit

IP Connect Transit supports large scale dedicated Internet access, with the ability to connect to the global Internet via diverse ASNs, and with Tier 1 carrier grade reach, reliability and data security.

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IP connect voice

With IP Connect Voice TELUS and other global carriers may connect at the IP level for the exchange and termination of voice minutes.

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IP connect VPN

IP Connect VPN extends the reach of your MPLS based VPN services into Canada while supporting the bandwidth and QoS required by content-rich applications

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ISDN PRI service

A cost-effective, feature-rich method of local access for applications such as PBX Connections, Internet Service Provider Access, Hosting, Call Centre Systems, LAN-to-LAN Connections, and videoconferencing.

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Connecting your machines, equipment and assets with ease requires superior tools and support. TELUS offers the latest technologies and the competitive advantage of an all-inclusive and comprehensive M2M solution. Improve productivity and efficiency, and enable new avenues toward increased margins with TELUS M2M.

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Network APIs

Take advantage of the mobile lifestyle by enhancing the mobile experience with apps and web sites that offer functionality including identity, messaging, location-based services and/or carrier billing.

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Optical carrier networks

TELUS Optical Carrier Networks Metro provides comprehensive metropolitan network services within major Canadian cities while TELUS OCN IX enables you to expand your network connectivity among major Canadian cities and throughout North America.

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Rebiller services

The availability of your network and equipment is critical for effective business operation. Our solutions are designed for reliability, to work with your existing systems and meet future needs.

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Regulated services

TELUS provides a comprehensive range of interconnection services, access arrangements, and Local Exchange Carrier services for carriers, wireless companies and service providers.

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Security and risk management

Protecting your assets is essential for the success of your business and trust of employees, customers and shareholders. We have a comprehensive approach to data and network security that includes review, planning, vulnerability assessment, implementation, and monitoring with options for outsourcing to ensure network and service availability.

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Telepresence conferencing

Offer a life-like, interactive meeting experience to your subscribers by taking technology-based conferencing to the next level. Add the human element with high-quality life-size images of each participant for a life-like, face-to-face, interactive meeting experience.

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Web conferencing

Help your customers take conferencing to the next level by making it visual. You can integrate audio and web for a truly interactive experience. Save money and save time by moving your face-to-face meetings online.

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Wholesale IP Trunking

Simple, cost-effective IP services that go the distance.

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Wholesale toll services

In addition to a full range of switched minute termination services, TELUS offers North American Collect and Wholesale Toll Services.

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